We are ALIF Cicilan Syariah

PT. Al-Ijarah Indonesia Finance (ALIF Cicilan Syariah) is a sharia finance company established to serve the needs for financing services of the Indonesians. AL IJARAH was incorporated in December 2006 in Jakarta and commenced its operations on 27 August 2007.

The initial paid-in capital amounted to Rp105 billion that was fully subscribed in equal amounts by three major financial institutions from Indonesia and the Middle East, namely Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Bank Boubyan of Kuwait, and Alpha Lease and Finance Holding BSC of Bahrain.

AL IJARAH was initially formed to provide financing services to Indonesian and Southeast Asian business comnmunities, by offering minimum financing of Rp 2 billion per transaction and financial advisory services. However, the global economic crisis that began in 2010 has pushed AL IJARAH to shift its focus to retail financing. This move has been carried out not only to increase funding sources, but also to get the benefit from the current robust growth of consumer sector in Indonesia and in the foreseeable future.  

Today AL IJARAH offers a wide range of financing products, from business financing to invest in capital goods such as machineries and heavy equipment to consumer and retail financing such as purchasing cars and motorcycles for individual needs.  

All of these financing products are based on the financial principles of sharia, relying on the financing schemes of Ijara (leasing), Ijara Muntahia Bittamlik (lease and buy), and Murabaha (buy and sell).

In line with the robust growth of consumer sector and the return of Indonesia into investment grade status, AL IJARAH is optimistic about participating actively in the continuing economic development of Indonesia. To that end, efforts have been and will continue to be exerted by AL IJARAH to provide its best services to all of its stakeholders.

Our Identity

ALIF Cicilan Syariah is a multi-brand in retail finance that offers financial products and services which more profitable and enjoyable that intended for the Indonesian people universally.